Hullabaloo in the oasis

"Hullabaloo in the oasis" is a stimulating travel experience for people staying at home!
As from present travelling becomes superfluous.
"Het Pakt”  ensures that paradise like and exotic harbours in your own garden are to be found.
75 transparent iglo tents, of which 25 tents serve effectively as a sleeping tent, cover the grass surface. The tents have several dimensions. Some are too small to enter and others can accommodate effortlessly eight people. Together, they form the view of a camp-site. Every tent offers shelter to an artistic intervention. The form of the tent, the shape of a ball, delimits perfectly a space in which surprising questions and ditto answers get a place. Entirely about fifty tents contain playful installations. The ingredients exist out of video, sound, photography, painting and drawing in confrontation with the surroundings of found and brought together objects.
The tents are accessible for everyone who wants to camp without the need to travel.

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