Artist collective

               Het pakt! vzw

                                       Meensesteenweg 22
                                                   8500 Kortrijk

Founded in 1997
Lieven Neirinck.
Artist working with photography and video as art tools. Teaches at the academy of fine arts (DKO) in Gent Belgium.
Jef Byttebier.
Photographer and multimedia artist.
Jan Bossier.
Video - and multimedia artist.

1998: “Loslopend wild in onbewaakte zone”: an overview exhibition by all
members of the group in their own gallery  ‘in onbewaakte zone’ at Kortrijk.
1998: Jan Bossier wins the first price in the art contest organised by the province of west-flanders with his work “Reflexions in a golden eye”.

2000: “A weighted year”  is an artistic installation in which weight and bookbinding meets each other in an fragile balance. This creation was realised in collaboration with the magazine for Metastatische Propaganda or vzw Driewerf.

Een gewogen jaar



2000: Organisation of the exhibition  ‘electronentemmer in onbewaakte zone’ of Jan Bossier in Kortrijk. This was the presentation of a mad laboratory of a weird genius.

2000: Jan Bossier gains the price of the public in the art “salon” at Gent.
Live performance by het Pakt in the town hall of  Gent.

The wave



2001: First Price for the concept of P.E.T.  (personal excentric textile) in the contest of the art craft and industrial design in the province of West Flanders.





2001: Creation of the video-installation ‘Het raadsel van de Schimmenbus’ ( the riddle of the shadow bus!). Created in task for the theatre festival for little children at Tielt.
This installation was invited to the “tweetakt festival” at Antwerp, the “Gentse feesten” a city festival in Gent, and as a happening to the opening of the cultural capital of Bruges in 2002.


2002: Organisation of the exhibition of  “Overdoose” by Lieven Neirinck at the
gallery “in onbewaakte zone” in Kortrijk. An overview to all my art boxes in the last 5 years.



2002: Multi-medial installation ‘ geroezemoes in d’oase’  (Hullabaloo in the oasis!) in commission by Annoo 02 at Tielt. The installation is an artistic campsite in the middle of the city at Tielt.



2003: Creation of the video-installation ‘Opus Velo’ in commission by the province of West Flanders. This installation (show) was presented at ten cultural centers in West- Flanders , Brugge, Roeselare, Poperinge, Moorslede, Wevelgem, Kortrijk, Wingene, Zwevegem en Deerlijk.



2003: Lieven Neirinck en Luc Vandromme  (artist group N.V.n.v.) publish the book  “De koffer van Caracas” at the dutch publishing company  “De Geus”. Presentation performance at Brugge.
This book tells us the uncredible but real story of the life by Vincent Van Gogh.
2003: Reading performance out of the book in Amsterdam by the  N.V.n.v. “Literatuur en beeldende kunsten” (literature and performing arts)




2004: “Opus Velo” is shown in Hasselt  CCH (krokusfestival), in
Antwerpen (driemast festival), Stuttgart/ Germany (Schone Aussicht festival), Genk (theater “In het zadel”), Leuven (Kinderhoogdag), Groningen/ the netherlands (Jonge hartenfestival/openingsperformance)

“Het raadsel van de schimmenbus” is shown in Hasselt (Kuringen festival)


2004: Jef Byttebier and Lieven Neirinck founders of the group ‘het pakt!’ create a new artist group ‘Sound of the Whales’.

In march 2004 they create the multi-medial installation “Song for Buda”  based on sound and photography in commission of the Buda vzw and on the opening feast of the art island in the greater event of the Cultural capital of Lille 2004.





Buda Song



2005: 27 january première of the production “Verhef uzelf” (raise yourself) at the child theatre festival in Tielt.




 2005: 6 - 8 may  Oostend, casino kursaal, video-installation “BOX” inspired on the work by the painter James Ensor.


2005: 5 may Velbert, Germany  presentation of “Opus Velo” at the neanderthaler festival.


2005: 19 – 29 may center of the city of Utrecht (the netherlands) , “Hopper” –
“Huis aan de zwerf”  as a conceptual format at the jubilee event 20 years “Festival aan de werf”. This installation is a celebration to the brass band.










2005: october  “Teloor” in the centre of the city of Kortrijk by reason of the jubilee at ten years existence of the festival “Happy new ears”.
Teloor is an interactive installation in which a simple telephone plays the principal role.







2005: november “Opus Velo” at Lissabon cultural centre of Bélem.

2006: april Hasselt , Opus Velo and the creation of the artistic Campsite “el sol”


2006: 19 – 29 mei centre of  Utrecht – Netherlands,  première by “Ceci n’est pas un bus”. 

Multimedial creation in a moving theatre.(Festival aan de Werf)




2006: 4 - 9 juli Rennes – France, Opus velo at the festival “les tombeès de la nuit”

2006 : 15 juli Kortrijk, “Ceci n’est pas un bus” at the festival “Kortrijk congé”.

2006 : 23 september – 10 oktober Kortrijk,  Buda song at the festival “Happy new ears”

2006: 21 september – 30 september Lisboa, Fado Morgana en Ceci n’est pas un bus at the festival “Luzboa”.